Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Passed Associate Cloud Engineer Exam

Passed the above on Saturday.  Did the google challenge to get certified within 3 months. 

Did a lot of Coursera lessons on GCP and use acloudguru as a secondary learning aid. 

Questions on actual exam are tricky and there is a need to read the questions carefully.

Familiarization with gcloud commands and Kubernetes is a must. Understand the difference between different classes of storage . the default firewalls rules created when in vpc automode and custom mode. stackdriver monitoring and logging. IAM, service accounts and roles. difference between App engine standard and flex. what to do to increase memory on a running instance.Difference between the different roles for  billing.

Thiam Seng Soh

The acloudguru associated engineer course covers a lot of the materials required to pass. The rest is just getting used to the syntax for gcloud and kubernetes.

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Congratulations! Do you still have the exam notes you used?

Congrats. This is what I am working towards now. In terms of the GCloud commands and Kubernetes. Is this covered enough on ACG and the GCP 3 month challenge package? Or do you recommend other avenues of study for this.

I think acloudguru content is good. The trick to get familiar with gcloud is to practice and understand the syntax of the command. Gcloud commands used to trip me until I understand the syntax.

Nice job, Thiam! 🎊 I’m glad this course could help you get this done!  And thanks for sharing your tips!  I’ve now linked to this post from my ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread.


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