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PASS But Result is not confirmed by google is that usual?

I have passed my Google ACE exam yesterday .. I am able to see PASS in webaccessor . But on clicking pass there is comment-"Your exam result must be confirmed by Google before being considered final." is this usual? How long does it take for Google to confirm the result. Feeling bit worried.

Sang Lee

Hi Rajesh, I just took my Google ACE exam and I am going through the same thing! It says PASS in Webassessor but that the exam results are being confirmed. Does this mean, I passed? I will wait patiently to hear back from Google, but I am anxious to know my results.

1 Answers

Phew! I got my certification email from google after 5 days. Much to my relief

Ajayjeet Sharma

It is already 7 days for me waiting for my PCA result.

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