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Only one project per user can be linked to the billing account although we can create a few projects. is that the norm

I could create a new project in the console but couldn’t enable it / attach it to the billing account till i deleted the existing project. Its saying that i have reached the limit of the no. of projects that can be enabled. I have logged in as the user.

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Hi Annapurna,

As of right now, the google cloud platform trial account only allows you to have 3 projects linked to a billing account at any given time. What I’ve done to better this situation for myself is log in as the admin, and disable billing on my other projects as an admin. Since just about everything you’re going to do in the console should be done with the user account, this is a good way to give yourself a little more wiggle room so that you can have up to 3 billable projects as the user. 

Another thing to consider is that you don’t need to delete the project in order to free up space in your billing quota. If you think you’ll come back to a project at a later time, but need to free something up in your billing quota, (as the user) you can go to the dashboard for your project, click on the billing card, and make sure you’re in the overview section. You’re not going to have sufficient permissions to view this section, but that’s okay. On the right of your screen you should see a card that says billing, with a link to manage. Click manage. There you can see your project(s). If you click the 3-dot menu for your project, you’ll see an option that says disable billing. (You can do this on your admin account with your extra projects as well)

Disabling a project’s billing allows you to keep the project without taking up space on your billing quota. I hope this is helpful!

Annapurna Vadlamani

Thank you very much. You have helped me understand how to work around the project quota in my billing accounts. Thank you 🙂

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