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Not shown how to create user account

We are being told to login with a user account (not an admin account), but were never shown how to create one or what permissions are supposed to be assigned. The only account we have created so far other than the admin is for billing purposes and that user cannot do anything except create new projects. Seems like an oversight.

1 Answers

That’s kind of an "implicit exercise" for students to practice on IAM & roles topic ;). Throughout this course, Mattias’s teaching methodology is to encourage students to learn and explorer things by themselves with some initial helps, not just "hand-holding" from A to Z :). "The best way to learn is to make your hands dirty", that’s what he mentioned and many other instructors saying the same I believe.

Anyway, for creating this "non-admin" account, you’ve already had a head-start during the creation of account for billing. Just go back to IAM section and start exploring on how to create a "non-admin" account. A few hints that can help 🙂

  • Think of GCP primitive roles

  • Think of the scope for this "non-admin" account

  • Think of what you want this "non-admin" account can do

  • You will need another Gmail address


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