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Not Possible to edit gce instance if controlled by machine group

In the Video"Demo: Custom-Mode VPCs – Part 3 – Using the VPC and Configuring Firewall Rules" you attempt to change the network tag of a gce instance which has been created via instance group. It is not possible for me to edit the single vm instance since it is managed by the instance group? What could be a way to solve this?

p.s. I can not press the edit button for the vm instance.

Daniel France

yeah, its best to edit the instance group and replace the instances on restart.

Javid Alizade

Hi. I can’t find proper option for adding tag for instance in instance group. where i can add tag in instance group ?

4 Answers

I just had the same problem, here is how I solved it:

Go to your VM templates and create a new template based on the previous one we have created. Add the network tag as set up in firewall rules for this VPC. Now go back to instance groups and chnage the template to the new one by clicking update VMs. If you want to make sure the VMs get restarted finish by triggering a restart/replace.

After this you should be able to SSH into the instances.

Hope this works also for you.

Another option is to remove the instance from the instance group. And then add the network tag.

  • Go to the Instance groups
  • Click on the instance group you created
  • Select the instance(s) that you want to apply the tag.
  • Click on the REMOVE FROM GROUP. The instance(s) you removed will disappear from the group and if you had set the minimum number of VMs in the Auto Scaling option, new VMs will be created
  • Go to the VM instances menu
  • From there you will be able to see the instance(s) you removed from the group. Now you can edit and add the tag and follow the process.


Seems like it is a new change on console that we can’t edit an instance in a group. 

You can simply click on an instance in the instance group created earlier and click on create similar if you don’t want to go through the whole process of adding custom stuff to your new instance(which is not created using the template). Then you can go ahead and all the network tag and try to connect that new instance via SSH. 

It does work.


Although you cannot edit through the console, you CAN d it with the CLI gcloud command:


gcloud compute instances add-tags instance –tags=open-ssh-tag


instance=instance name

I confirm that it is not any more possible to edit from the console a compute instance managed by a group.

However, as pointed out by Pschweiss in a comment, you can add a tag from the cloud shell :

gcloud compute instances add-tags **_frontend-ig-suffix_** [--zone=**_zone-of-the-instance_**] --tags=open-ssh-tag

Where suffix is the suffix assigned to the instance to tag and zone-of-the-instance is the zone (if different from the current config zone).

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