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Non-admin user projects can be viewed by admin user

In the video, admin user is not able to view the project created by an non-admin user for a billing account. However, when I follow the same steps, the admin user is able to view all projects linked to the billing account.

Douglas Hopkinson

I second what Neetish stated; when logged in as Admin and navigating to Account Management I am seeing all 3 projects

Rishabh Keskar

Yes I am also able to see project created by a non-admin user. I think the video is outdated.

Brandon Stafford

I have another issue, in that my non-admin user is able to Add Member’s to the Billing Account. Anyone else have this come up?


Yes. I see it. but i dont think you have an option to add another user. only option is to add "Project billing Manager"

2 Answers

I just tried it, I don’t see "My User Project" under admin user Billing -> MY PROJECTS. But as an admin user when I go to Billing -> Account management -> "My Trial Billing Account" -> Account management, I see 3 projects which include the project created by the user account. I think as an admin user he/she has access to all billing information of all the users’ projects, but as an admin user, he/she does not have access to specific project details created by normal users.

Right.  Looks like User Project is only accessible from the user login.  But not visible in Billing Account Management from the user login.
And the project is visible in Billing Account Management from the admin login, but the project is not accessible from the admin login

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