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Non admin account and activating full access account

Hi Mattias, 

I was following your video on setting up a non admin user and activating the full access account. When i click upgrade, nothing happens and i don’t get an error message like you did in the video.

I closed the browser and opened a new incognito window and i am still getting the same result. 

Did do this correctly? have i activated the full account be unintentionally? 

Even after pressing the upgrade button, the Dismiss, Activate bar is still visible, so i’m hoping nothing happened. 



2 Answers

Hello, Susanna!  It looks like Google has made a change to how this bar and message display.  As another student recently pointed out, the error message seems to have moved to the right-hand panel.  In any case, since the bar is still showing up for you, I think you are probably ok.  But you can definitely just double-check it, too, by logging on as your administrator account and looking at the billing account details as this user.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Mattias for your reply. Yes, i’ve been keeping an eye on the billing. So far so good! 😀

Enjoying your training so far!

Mattias Andersson

Alright! Glad to hear it! 🙂

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