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No option to add members in Sandbox

At the start of the video, there is a overlay which suggests we can use the Sandbox for this lesson. But when using the Sandbox, none of the options to add users exist. The course is very dated and the videos don’t reflect the current UI. So, I don’t know if this option has moved around or whether this is a limitation of the Sandbox.

I understand that re-recording the videos every time Google changes the layout (and God knows Google loves mucking around with UXs all the time. Mostly for the worse). But at least the videos needs to be updated for the Sandboxes. Or at least some instructions on the changes for that lecture when using Sandboxes.

It’s getting very trying going through this course. I currently have an incognito window in Chrome for my personal account. Another incogninto window in Firefox for the Sandbox and my learning time is getting hampered by all this confusion.


Doing this from my personal account (not Sandbox), I can’t view the projects from the user account. I have a message "You don’t have permission to list projects for this billing account." So the role "billing account user" doesn’t even let you view your own projects? Or did I mess up somewhere?

I am running into the same problem.

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