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New Project Location Creation

when creating a project name I am unable to create a location.

1 Answers

Hello, Ricardo.  Welcome to the forums. 🙂

In GCP, the project resource does not have any physical location–it’s global and can contain resources all around the world.

But if you’re asking about the location, you’re probably referring to the "Location" that sometimes shows up on the console’s "New Project" screen.  This is referring to the project’s location in the resource hierarchy, which is something I talk more about in this lecture, later on in the course. 🙂

But just quickly, when you create an "Organization" (which requires you to buy and validate a domain, which is why we haven’t done that in the course), you can have projects owned by the Organization and group them into folders for organization.  You can read more about the GCP resource hierarchy at this link and this page describes how it can be used to securely manage access to your GCP resources.

Does that answer your question?


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