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New project for BigQuery??

Why we have to create a new project for a big query? Can’t we managed within the existing project?

2 Answers

Hey, there… I’m glad you’re asking.

Do you need to make a new project, for it to work? No.

Does doing what I have you do teach you things that are important to a Cloud Engineer? Yes, definitely.

You need to be comfortable going beyond the auto-created stuff and managing the details of setting up projects, managing their billing, and controlling access to all the pieces. This lab steps you through some of that stuff.

Does that help give some context? 🙂


Satheesh Charles

Thanks for the reply Matt !! I got things 🙂

Mattias Andersson

Glad to help! 🙂

Hey Mattias, I think the "Billing / Project" related videos need to be reworked to be a little more elaborate, especially explaining "why" we are doing a certain thing and why "not" another thing, probably taking a use case scenario of a company as an example. As for myself, despite knowing AWS (being AWS Dev and SAA certified), I found it difficult to relate to what has been explained about creating a new "Admin" project (or you could say I was not able to build a mental model around the "Billing / Project" concept). Probably some visualization of the hierarchy or flow, along with some explanation would be helpful. Some questions that I could think of, to give you an idea of the gap that needs to be filled to make it perfect:

  • Export must be set up per billing account -> But in what scenario would we have multiple billing accounts?

  • Is it related to multiple teams having their respective "projects" and each project having it’s own billing account?

  • Or could those teams / projects share the same billing account?

  • Is the "Admin" project created for use by the "Admin" team of the company? Or the sole purpose of that project is to export to BigQuery?

  • Are both, the "Admin" as well as the newly created "Billing Account user", able to manage the same billing account but not able to access each other’s projects?

Mattias Andersson

I appreciate the feedback. I’m always trying to strike a good balance between making progress and talking through deeper aspects of the stuff we’re covering, and feedback is the only way I have of gauging how well I’m doing that. I do actually fill in more (all?) of the things you mentioned–but later on in the course (in the Security section). I might need to at least make a few more forward references to that, earlier on. But some of your ideas about diagramming it a bit more could help, too. I’ll think about all of this as I work to improve the course.

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