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New bucket objects seem to be public

After I created the bucket and uploaded some files I tried sending the link to an object to another computer and I was able to view the object. I was running in a new Incognito window on a different computer. Should this work like this?

On the Object details page it gave me a link URL of

When use that link on a different computer in a new Incognito window It does prompt me for a Google ID before showing me the file.

However, if I try the link on the computer where I uploaded the file with an authorized browser window I see that it translates the link into this:

If I send this link to another computer, I am able to view the object without being prompted for authorization.

is this how it is supposed to work?

3 Answers

Same here, tried in edge browser with a link from my GCP bucket. I´m suspecting that the tokenized link has an expiration time, and it´s not limited by cookies or IP addresses.

I will try this again in a while and see if it loses its public access.

I tried this a day later using the full URL and now I get an error

{"error":{"errors":[{"domain":"global","reason":"lockedDomainExpired","message":"Locked Domain Expired"}],"code":401,"message":"Locked Domain Expired"}}

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