Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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My path to Google Cloud Certified – Associate Cloud Engineer May 2019

I just want to start from saying that I have failed 1st attempt possibly that I was to confident answering the questions without reading the fine print, aka. one or two words which magically changed the whole concept in seeking for the right answer.

My advice is to take all the time assigned to the exam, select your first answer of 2 excluded ones and then read couple of times to make sure this is the answer as in nearly each question are two potential answers which might be right, but you must read so called "fine print".

Now lets go back to my study path (start at 1st of Feb, end at 10 of May => 14 Weeks):

1) GCP Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide on Udemy

2) Architecting with Google Cloud Platform Specialization on Coursera

3) Networking in Google Cloud Platform Specialization on Coursera

4) Security in Google Cloud Platform Specialization on Coursera

5) About 60 labs on Qwiklabs and approx. 40 from other sources

6) Google Certified Accosiate Cloud Engineer on ACG

7) Introduction to Google Cloud Platform on ACG

8) Kubernetes Deep Dive on ACG

9) 5x Exam Simulator on ACG

You can also find valuable notes on:

(Mode Note: Removed document of questions that were sourced without permission.)

More tables and notes:!AmHYimMRICiQhJ1WCrGhOBe3qs25BQ

To complete want to say that it’s not possible to pass the exam just after going trough any of the above courses are exam it to complex in terms of wide scope of questions, so also read all the relevant Documentation for each feature available on Google Console just to know what they do and how to identify Cloud Shell parameters and relevant commands to the services.


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Hello, Dariusz!  I commend you on your deliberate and perseverant study! 👍  And I appreciate you writing up your study path so others can draw from it for their own learning journeys.  And your tips about being very careful about the exam question wording is also very important!   I will happily link to your post from my Exam Report Mega-Thread, so others can benefit from it.

(As an aside, exam question strategy like this is something I covered in my Cert Prep Guide course–in particular, in the "Strategy" lectures.  I know that course talks about AWS, but the vast majority of it applies directly to GCP, too.)

One thing I wasn’t entirely clear on, though: Are you describing your study, so far, or have you already taken the ACE exam a second time and passed it that time? 🙂  Well, if you did pass, then Congratulations! 😃🎉  And if you haven’t, yet, then I’m sure you will, soon enough.  (Oh, and if you haven’t, then I think you would get a lot of value from going through my Cert Prep Guide course that I mentioned, above.)

Thanks, again!


Hi Mattias.

I did pass as soon as I read the questions 3-5 times and did read the Google documentation as well as did the ACG courses.

It was kind of same day when I have posted this comment to make people aware that there is a lot of studying before going to the actual ACE exam.

Alright!  Congrats, then, Dariusz! 👏  I’m really glad you tried again and took it down. 👍

And you are indeed correct that this is no trivial cert.  You really do need to dig into things and actively work through the stuff beyond just watching some videos.

Also, had you already taken this ACE course before your first attempt?  If so, are there any things I could have better-emphasized–anything that you think might have helped you pass on the first go?




More IAM security and App Engine.


Mattias Andersson

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you.

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