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Missing “Link billing account” step on “GCS & GCE Challenge Lab Data Flow” video

Hey guys!

In this video:, minute 1:45, after point 2 (Make a new project), there should be a clarification that if the person is creating the project using the Terminal, she may need to link (gcloud beta billing account link...) the created project to a billing account.

Important point due to the gsutil mb ... command is not going to work if the project is not linked to a billing account.

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That’s a good callout, Broda!  This is one of the differences between the console and command-line approaches and one of the reasons the CLI version is more advanced.  So good on you for overcoming that challenge!

I did skip over billing considerations in the data flow walkthrough, too, so I do expect that many people who do the advanced challenge will encounter this.  My intention is that this will force people to think about what could have gone wrong and why.  Hopefully the error message people get points them in the right direction–and if not then coming to these forums and seeing valuable posts like this one you’ve written should help, too. 🙂

Thanks for posting this!


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