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Matadata key name can be change

is matadata key should be "lab-logs-bucket" or any other customer key(example: custom-bucket-key) ,but i understood value should be gs (example: gs://storage-01)

Jorge Lorenzo

Hi! The key should be lab-logs-bucket, as this is the key used by the startup script to get the name of the bucket from the metadata.

Mattias Andersson

Yes, Jorge! Indeed!

1 Answers

The metadata functionality in GCE lets you use (almost) any key name and (almost) any key value.  In that way, it’s kind of like a blank piece of paper.

But the reason you use the key name "lab-logs-bucket" and set the value in a particular ("gs://") format is because that’s what the startup script I wrote and gave you looks for.  It asks the metadata service for the information (value) under that particular key name.  If you used a different key, it would be like addressing your letter to "Dr. Banner" and expecting me (who is not Dr. Banner) to find and read it.

I hope this helps.


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