Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Managing time-line which preparing for Associate Cloud Engineering (ACE) exam for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Hi All,

I gave my ACE certification exam for GCP yesterday only and cleared it with confidence. I have read many feedbacks from the "ACE Exam Report Mega-Thread" and they were very much helpful to me. In this post, I want to throw some light on how to balance the time and depth and scope of each topic for a certification exam. 

First of all, I want to thank Mattias Andersson for making many practical and informative lessons for us. Let me give my brief background. I have just completed my bachelor and joined a company as a software engineer. I have just 11 months of experience in IT. I got to know about Cloud just 5-6 months before my exam. I didn’t have much Cloud exposure before that. My advice to GCP certificate aspirants is that first go through Mattias Andersson’s course. Open each and every link and take an overview of each resource in GCP. Give around 2 hours a day, within 25-30 days you would be able to complete a course. Depending on your background and grasping power you can increase-decrease the number of hours a day. But, try to complete a course within a month. While covering a course don’t think much about an exam, just go with Mattias and consume everything he is explaining.

After a month you would have a basic knowledge of all services in GCP. Now the time is to slightly incline towards the exam guide. You can access the official exam guide from [](Exam Guide). Go through each and every point thoroughly. Pick a point go through a corresponding video of Mattias’s course. To know more, Google it or search that point on YouTube. Like this try to complete all five sections of the Exam Guide within 15-20 days (or more will also be fine). Now you are ready for your exam. Bang on!! You will gonna pass it.

Thanking you again Mattias for making the certification journey more enjoyable!! Namaste!!

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