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Managed Instance Group AutoScaling Vs GKE Autoscaling

Hello Cloud Gurus,

I did the MIG Lab and also looked at the GKE overview. It looks like the autoscaling feature (and some others) work very similarly. In GKE the pods have replicas based on pod configuration in deployment.yml and in MIG there are instances (compute engine) based on templates and they scale in a similar way. What is the key difference and which one is the preffered way to do ? I looked at the compute engine options page but did not find a clear answer.

Thank you

1 Answers

Hello, Asad. I think you’d be interested to watch this lecture on Autoscaling Compute Comparison. It’s from my Professional Cloud Architect course, but that’s included in your A Cloud Guru membership. 🙂

Asad Siddiqi

Thank you Mattias. I appreciate it.

Asad Siddiqi

This was really good. Now I want to go through these classes. Thanks for sharing!

Mattias Andersson


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