Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Length of $300 Credit validity has changed since video was recorded

Not really a question, just a note that the $300 credit only lasts for 90 days now according to the info I received as I just setup my free account. Not 12 months.

MR Brannon

I can second this info. I created a Google Cloud "Trial Account" in December (2020), & it has 90 day expiration as well. Personally I think they shouldnt have gone below 180 days. This gives time for newbies to actully have opportunity to learn & try some things out on their own without the added presure of free time expiring.

Sudhir Makkar

agree, it is 90 days now

Mark Talbot

Agreed. Looks like I have 90 days to go for zero to GPC certified now.

Craig Wylie

just create multiple accounts…

Paul Karels

Or use the new Cloud Guru Playground feature

1 Answers

Free trial is now 90 days. See docs:

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