Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Lectures and Labs

Hello Cloud Gurus,

I’d like to congratulate you folks from the A Cloud Guru and also form the Linux Academy for join forces and then, provide all the excellent infrastructure between lectures and labs so that we can ace all the exams we apply for. Certifications are achieved with a lot of efforts and having a platform that provides us with enough material to form a "state of confidence", that’s priceless – that’s what I feel with A Cloud Guru. 

As you know, everything has always a big room for improvement every day and that the continued improvement. Based on this, I’d like to ask the below:

Is it feasible to look for certifications domains and position side-by-side lectures and labs?

My question makes itself pertinent when I thought about breaking up all the topics from the e.g. Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer’s blueprint and look for "Labs" to get my hands dirty. 

I see currently 95 labs and that’s a pretty good number. But, how much of them are really connected with the topics of the e.g. Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer’s blueprint? How can I make sure I am going for the right labs? 

For example, thinking about the exam’s blueprint, we can observe the below:

- Section 5: Configuring access and security  
1. Managing identity and Access Management (IAM)  
2. Managing service accounts  
3. Viewing audit logs for project and managed services

I filtered the following labs:

Create and Manage IAM Roles on Google Cloud

Creating and Managing GCP Service Accounts

Creating and Managing GCP Service Accounts

Understanding Service Accounts and Scopes

In fact, how much of these would help me practice or not for the exam? I’d like to see out of the lectures or the course page, labs also being offered and considered as part of the percentage to complete the course (the Linux Academy does it).

Is that feasible? I’d like to emphasize that I’m very happy with the current state, but, as said, there is always room for improvement.



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