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Labels question answer


Your accounting department wishes you to create Google Compute Engine instances with a label that has the key of ‘department’ and the value of ‘development’, to assist with tracking the instances you create. Which of the following options is the best way to apply labels to those instances?

Expected Answer: When creating the instance in the console, expand the “Management” tab and set the label there.

To change the label you don’t need to be in the management tab anymore.

Amitav Sengupta

yes the questions answer is wrong. I will request cloud guru to update the answer. The correct answer will be "When creating the instance in the console use the add label feature"

1 Answers

You have been tasked with configuring a number of to-be-created GCE instances. Which of the following should you do?


The answer to the question is wrong. We do not need to open management in the new console

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