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Labels for instances are not under the Management tab anymore!

Hello Gurus,

It seems this lecture got a little bit outdated, and the screen organization is a little bit different by now. You will notice when creating a new VM that the "labels" section is now right below the instance "Name" field. It can, for sure, impact your answer on the certification exam.

Also, be aware that, if folks from the ACloudGuru adjust it, there is a question on the quiz and probably on the practical exam to remove or fix as well.

Adding a note on 2020.08.19

 – If you create a new VM using the Console, you will notice the change for the location of the label;

 – If you create a new instance template, you still need to expand the " Management, security, disks, networking, sole tenancy" right below the firewall HTTP/HTTPs adjusts.



Darshan M K

yes correct

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