Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Just Passed the GCP Associate exam


Thanks acloudguru most of the things were spot on in the course 

  • Kubernetes course from Nigel is absolute gold

  • Things observed in the exam I had focused my learning on gcloud commands as soon as I started answer a few questions based on those most of the question switched to console related  so playing around in the console is highly recommended 

  • VVIMP – Please create an app engine walkthrough video covering the basics at least , The labs are good but doesn’t say much as to what is happening beneath the surface .Found this good video explaining it _,

 Traffic splitting both by gcloud and console,Migrate ,tcp, cookie etc

  • VPC Subnet in gcp – e.g if you are running out of ips in the subnet what to do ? what is shared vpc?

  • Billing export into Bigquery

  • No multiple answer questions

  • Lot of questions are logic based so put the thinking cap on 

Best of luck 



2 Answers

Congratulations !
 Quite an achievement.  Keep going 



Moderator& Coach

Congratulations, Reuben!  That’s ACE! 🙌🎊  Both your cert and your write-up, I mean! 😁  I will definitely link this post into my Exam Report Mega-Thread!  I particularly appreciate you warning people that they can’t ignore the console while they also learn the CLI–they really need both! 👍

Really glad you got so much value from our courses!  All the best to you as you continue your learning journey!


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