Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Just passed the Associate Cloud Engineer certification

I just got my Google Associate Cloud Engineer certification.

My test seemed to be heavy on Compute Engine/Instance Groups and IAM, including questions where you needed to know which IAM role to choose. 

I studied by going through both A Cloud Guru GCP courses, the Kubernetes Deep Dive. and using the A Cloud Guru exam simulator multiple times. 

I also went through the LinuxAcademy course and their practice exam multiple times, and the Coursera specialization.  I went through the official practice exam 3 times as well.

The last thing I did was go through each item on the Exam Guide and take a few notes for each bullet point

The strategy of eliminating the obviously wrong answers really does help on this exam, as well as making sure to go through the exam again once you are done and verifying all your answers.


Congratulations Nek!! Thanks for sharing your path to GCP certifications.

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Nice job, Nek! 🙌  I’m glad we could be a valuable part of your learning journey, and I’m happy for your success in achieving the cert! 🎊 I’ll link to this post from my Exam Report-Mega-Thread so others can see what you did and read your advice.  Cheers!


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