Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Just passed Google ACE exam -tips

Hi all,

I just passed the Google ACE exam this afternoon and here a few tips. I am in Sales (yes all you techie’s who think us sales geezers don’t know sh_t, think I may have more certs than you now, game on), never used GCP previously, I passed AWS Solution Architect Associate exam back in Feb and found ACE courses work and exam slightly more complicated and detailed.

Thank you to Matthias Anderson and Nigel Poulton for great courses and instruction, I went through it many times, extremely helpful in terms of answering the exam questions while thinking about the data flow.

In my exam:

IAM: users, roles, services accounts, G suite, Cloud Identify, best practice

Network: quite a few questions (at least ten questions) on VPC, network, subnet, routing, VPC sharing, CIDR, HTTP load balancing

Compute: App Engine, GCE, GKE (service type), managed instances group (autoscaling, auto update)

Storage: lifecycle management, coldline, nearline

Deployment manager/Cloud Launch: 2 questions

Stackdriver: 2 questions

Project creation/billing/: about four questions

Command line: maybe eight questions or more but Matthias’s course helped me to answer those questions confidently.

DB: 2-3 questions

I would recommend reading google cloud documentation (I read all links on Matthias and Nigel’s courses several times), codelab helped me understand App engine, Youtube google minutes. The Google practice exam is relatively close to the actual exam (AcloudGuru practice exam is more onerous, I only got 65% last night before I took the exam this afternoon). Next…….

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Great job, Gary! 👏 Huge congrats to you! 🎊 You took on and overcame a significant challenge–and your accomplishment is all the more meaningful, even, because you didn’t start your cloud journey already having a technical background.

Also, thank you for writing up your experience with studying for and passing this certification! I’m sure many people who read it will be encouraged that they, too, can –though whether they’ll catch up to you on your current cert-achieving pace will have to be seen. "Game on," indeed! 😂 I will link to this post from my Exam Report Mega-Thread, so others can find it.

Also, thank you for your feedback on our courses. It’s always great to hear both when the courses are successful (as they were for you) and what we might do to improve them. Regarding that second thing, I have recently (just a few hours before you posted this, so unfortunately not in time for your exam) added some extra lectures on networking. If you feel inclined to go through them, even though you’ve now passed your exam, I would very much welcome your feedback on whether they’d have helped you with the networking questions you got on your exam.

Thanks–and congrats–again!


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