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Is there a problem with the GCP Console?

More of a question and answer, but hopefully others will benefit.

Whilst I was working through one of the labs in the Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer course, I was getting some strange errors whilst creating a project. Basically, the error pointed to me exceeding the project quotas. But this couldn’t have been right, I’ve only got like 3 projects.

So looking at you see that the GCP console was experiencing issues. It turned out that I could create and list projects using gcloud utils.

Could this link be added to the videos and resources and a point to say, "If things aren’t quite right, have to checked to see if all GCP services are running as expected?"

3 Answers

Thanks Tim. 

appreciate you sharing the site and your experience, good to know!

I was also seeing error messages in the console, this morning.  Thanks for sharing your tip, Tim!  I have now added a link to this status dashboard from the "Explore GCP Console" lab.  In there, I already make a small mention of it, but the link should help raise its visibility.  And I’ll see about possibly working in another audio reference, in the future.  (The problem is that it could unexpectedly happen at absolutely any time.)

Thanks, again!


Oh, and for what it’s worth, it might actually be possible that your billing account somehow has a limit of three projects attached to it.  The limit on my free trial billing account is five, but I’ve seen someone else say that theirs was three.  So if you are still getting an error when this console issue is resolved, try freeing up some quota how I describe in the "Milestone: Open World" lecture.

Tim Reddish

It said I had 18 projects remaining. In terms of this course, my user account had a billing account out of the trial period and my newly created admin account in trial. This probably won’t be the same for everyone though.

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