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Is there a limit of 3 projects, that can be attached to the billing account for trial users?

Is there a limit of 3 projects, that can be attached to the billing account for trial users? If so, why the lab doesn’t say a word about this limit? I followed GCS: Google Cloud Storage (Lab), according to which there should be no problem with creating a new project (since "generally when you are working on new thing, you are creating a new project") and then allocating new resources, i.e. cloud storage resources. While trying to use cloud storage I faced this limit.

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Hello!  As I discuss in the "Milestone:Open World" lecture that comes immediately before this lab, there is indeed a quota for how many projects can be linked to a trial billing account.  I think the number is five.  You might want to rewatch that lecture (or figure out how you missed it), to get the extra tips about staying within this quota.  Do let me know if you still have any trouble, though!


Anton Pieshkin

Thank you, Mattias, I do missed that.

Mattias Andersson

No problem. That can happen. 🙂

Bill Ellis

Hey Mattias, I’m running into this now too. I only have two projects though. With only the Admin Project as my only other deployed project, I created a project named "Services Exploration Lab." When trying to create my Storage bucket, it asks me to "set the billing account for project "Services Exploration Lab." I then get a dialogue that says there is only one billing account, My Trial Billing Account, but it then says I’ve "reached the limit of projects on which you can enable billing."

Bill Ellis

Under "Manage billing accounts", I actually see 3 projects assigned to that account. I had two from my "admin" account, and one from my user account. It appears my billable account limit is 3, as I was able to assign a billing account to my Services Exploration Lab after I deleted one of the other projects.

Mattias Andersson

That’s great info! Thanks for letting us know, Bill!

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