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“Include credit as a budget expense” option has been replaced by the opposite

At 1:35 in "Set Up Billing Alert (Lab)", the UI shows "Include Credit as a budget expense". I don’t know when the video was recorded, but today, Nov 20, 2018, it shows  "Cost after Credit" instead.

The Help balloon in the video says "This adds credit as a budget expense so it can be tracked like money spent". Today, Nov 20, 2018, the Help balloon says "Cost after credit is the total cost minus any applicable credit".

The default checkbox is cleared in both cases.

So it appears as though Google changed the default behavior. Or am I mistaken? The online help for Budget Alerts doesn’t elaborate. Does anyone have further insight?

Umair Hoodbhoy

So I tried it out both checked and cleared. Indeed, making it checked yields a result that is identical to what Mattias gets at 2:30 in the video. Leaving it cleared immediately yields an orange over budget alert. So I guess I was wrong in my earlier interpretation, although that doesn’t mean the new explanation is very clear!


I noticed this change too. Is there a definitive explanation.

Mattias Andersson

Umair, if leaving the checkbox in its default cleared state shows you going over budget immediately, have you maybe already done some things with charges? We want to get an alert when we use any trial credit, so we want use the costs before they are reduced by our credit (i.e. unchecked).

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I really appreciate your letting me know about the change, Umair!  I have now had the chance to test that checkbox (both ways, to make sure I understand it properly) and re-record this budget setup to show and talk about the new checkbox.

Thanks again for pointing this out!


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