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I followed the steps but cannot find the result file in the bucket. How is this possible?

See title


Could you provide the specific lecture this was for? We’re unable to know what you were working on without more details.

Sandhiya C

I also have the same issue. This is for lecture 8.3

2 Answers

Hi Thomas,

File does appear in bucket. it take more than half hour for all activities of start up script to complete. I just did lab twice. first time even i thought there is some issue and file does not appear as mentioned in lab. However second time around i kept looking at stackdriver log and observed all the logs and found that it take atleast 30-45 minutes for start up script. 

Please try again and wait it out 🙂

I had a different experience.  My instance took a couple minutes to start and the file showed up in my bucket within a few seconds after starting the instance.  Make sure to look at the script and then add the right metadata key/value for your bucket when creating the instance.  My first time didn’t work because I missed adding the metadata information when creating the instance.

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