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I am unable to find or create a location in-order to create a new project

How to create a location, there is no Organization to select the location

Rick Bush

Using the ACG GCP playground. You login and it gives you a playground project to start. Try to create a new project to follow along the demo, you dont have an organization (required entry) to create it under.

Akshay Sharma

I am also unable to create new demo project. While creating its asking for parent organisation/folder to be selected. But when I browse the folders, I am unable to select the ‘No Organisation’ folder which is pre populated.

Karthik Keshava

Likewise, unable to create new project

2 Answers

Hello Balveenthar,    

Going to make some assumptions as you did not provide much supporting information of how to arrived at your question.  

If when you are the project creation wizard – you see the options for Project Name, Billing Account, followed by organization, and then you see an option to select a location but you are not able too, even when you click browse.

Then likely you are linked to an organization; assumption is that your using your work email address, or requested to be linked to  an organization, however you don’t have any permissions assigned at the organization level, and therefore you cannot select the location.

You need more power :). 



Brian Winterhalter

Hi Karlos, this happens when logged in through A Cloud Guru’s GCP sandbox. Even though I can change the default project’s name, and it shows that "You have 12 projects remaining in your quota", it says under Location: "You must select a parent organization or folder." and then when trying to select, it lists "No organization" and there is an error message "you do not have the required "resourcemanager.projects.create" permission to create projects in this location."

Mohit MIshra

Hi Karlos, When I login with ACG GCP sandbox I am not able to create new project as it’s asking for organisation which is not showing up. Also under billing we don’t have option like export big query export etc


Hi Karlos, I have the same problem

Georg Schneider

Hi Karlos, I am also having this problem

I think GCP Sandbox does not support such kind, another way is the get your own gcp account and try on

Sagar Gopisetti

I faced the same problem. Appears the Cloud playground GCP sandbox doesn’t allow to create a project. So i was skipped the project creation step and made use of the project allocated by default on GCP sandbox

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