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How to use the same email address to create a new GCP account later?

Hi, I have a question regarding the non-admin user account. Sorry, if this sounds stupid!

I have created a GCP account using [email protected] as an administrator. 

Now, for this lesson, I have created a new account called ris[email protected] and added this as a non-admin user under billing.

My question is, later, is it possible for me to use [email protected] to create a free trial GCP account as an administrator inorder to utilize $300 free credit ?

1 Answers

In this case, you have two GCP Accounts. One is enabled for Billing, and the other is not. When you enable Billing on the first account, it includes activating the free trial. Since you don’t need to enable Billing on the second account following with this course, the free trial is not activated.

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