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How to edit a VM instance associated with a MIG?

I’m unable to edit VM instance to set Network tags as you did it on the video (Chapter 11.8). I’m getting this message: "You can’t edit this VM instance because it’s managed by a group. To edit this VM instance, first remove it from group instance-group-1", looks like that something chenge from the time when you made the video, could you confirm it, please

1 Answers

The Console’s interface has changed a lot since the video was recorded. It no longer allows you to edit tags of VM instance in a MIG.

But you can still do so with CLI, following this syntax:

gcloud compute instances add-tags INSTANCE_NAME --tags=TAG,[TAG,…] [--zone=ZONE]

More info can be found in the documentations

Agron Kabashi

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it risky to do it this way since this will only apply the tag to that particular instance? It won’t persist if the instance group decides to recreate the instance

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