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how old is this course?

how old is this course? Nov 2017? If this is indeed 4 yrs old, I am disappointed. Please update the course. Thanks.

1 Answers

Hello Sujith28,

Karlos on this end, one of GCP training instructors.  You have a keen eye, Yes some of the material is older, however, the Course has been continuously updated since launch .   I used this course for ACE study and passed the exam with no problems.  I just spoke with author of this course yesterday, and he explained that over time, answers to hundreds of feedback suggestions have been added, making the course more complete as time past.  

What material are you finding dated, would love to hear more about your thoughts on why the course is out of date. 

– I understand that many of the GCP Console UI Demos may look different now, but we can also expect them to change in the future as Cloud continuously evolves.

Looking forward to your reply,  feel free to hit me up directly.



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