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How does the default scope of the default service account remove Write access to Storage?

The primitive role of the compute Service Account is Editor.  Which I took to mean includes read and write APIs to all GCP resources using that service account.  If that’s the case, then how, when I create a vm instance using the compute engine default service account, the access to storage is only read and not write?

So policies are additive, but roles are not? Very confused.

1 Answers

I think the missing factor in the scenario you’re describing is the use of "access scopes" in GCE, and how they limit the permissions that a VM gains from its associated service account. Access scopes are kind of ‘subtractive’ because they can remove the ability of a VM to write to a Cloud Storage bucket even though that VM’s service account has the permissions for that action (the service account resource itself is unaffected though).

The default access scopes applied to a VM only allow read access, and I think that’s what was happening when you made your VM (defaults listed here:

So policies are additive, but that doesn’t mean that another factor cannot come in and mess with permissions!

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