Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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How can I reduce GCP associate Certification Exam Cost ?

I am aware there is a way you can reduce Certification Exam Cost , so reduce by 30% or 50% by completing some quicklabs , so can anyone inform me how can one reduce the certification exam cost , so that one can take exam at a lower cost , steps / ways to go about would be appreciated ???

1 Answers

It’s hard to tell. The most legit and common way is to find a legal coupon code. Also there’s a high chance that if you register the exam through your company and your company is a business partner with Google, you might also have some sorts of discount.

Adit Modi

thank you for the feedback , but I have heard that completing some quicklabs gets you vouchers which reduce your exam cost by 30% to 50% , if you get to know about , help me out .

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