Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Hey there hope everyone is doing well as i am new to gcp its been a bit hard for me to understand all of this stuff because its my first Cloud or mostly anything regarding this field

 i wanted know how can we learn more about cloud shell and how much is necessary to learn for this course or much is needed.

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Personally I did not find much need for the exam, however it would be worth having a play with the cloud shell and trying to do things with gshell – the reason is you need every asset where possible when you are trying to join this field. Yes you may be using other things like Terraform and Ansible however knowing how to navigate through the interface and knowing how to use a CLI really helps.

Try this:

I think I did have a question a while ago about which is a valid command, but that was about all.
The more you can study, the easier it will be getting into this field.

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