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Has Google changed the rules of Edit Bucket?

In the training videos it shows you can change the bucket’s location type, but now when I’m checking it’s grayed out. Have they changed it as if you cannot change the location type after you create the bucket?

2 Answers

Hmmm…  I’m not quite sure what you mean.  At 2:39 in the lab I pointed out that, "the location of the bucket cannot be changed after the bucket has been created", and then I said that again at 9:19.


Thanks Mattias for your response. You are right, everything is still same as what you explained in the videos. Seems like I’d become a bit confused a I was looking at a project which was shutdown but was still there.


But this is something that happens when you are working with different users/accounts and creating/deleting projects 🙂 Was a good learning curve though …

Mattias Andersson

No problem at all! I’m glad you decided to work through the block to your learning (including posting here), instead of just ignoring it and moving on! Looks like you did indeed learn from it. Good job! 😁👍

could not edit public aces for the files in the buckets. the layout have changed

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