Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Beta Exam

I will be taking the Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Beta Exam Monday 2/11/19. I have written a day-by-day article on my blog site on how I prepared for this exam. This should be an interesting security exam as Google has a very different style compared to AWS.

After the exam I plan to write another article on the details of the exam. I won’t find out if I passed or not until the beta period ends (which I think is March 1, 2019).

Update 2/16/19

I took the exam yesterday. This is a very good and very hard exam. You need to know Google Cloud very well. I updated my article with post exam thoughts.

Karlitos Knox

Good luck John and thanks for posting. Took the network exam 02-08-18. working on a write of the experience this week.

John Hanley

Exam delyed due to Seattle snow. I am taking the Google Network exam next week. What is your opinion of that exam?

Satyen Kumar

@Karlitos – I’m taking Network & security beta next week. looking forward for the write-up

1 Answers

All the best on it, John!  I look forward to reading about how you found it–after all this snow clears! 🙂

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