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Google professional cloud architect exam question

Recently i cleared the goolge PCA exam but want to clarify one question which i have doubt.

" You are tasked with building an online analytical processing (OLAP) marketing analytics and reporting tool. This requires a relational database that can operate on hundreds of terabytes of data. What is the Google-recommended tool for such applications?"

What is the answer? Is it Bigquery or cloud spanner? as there are 2 parts in question. If we consider it for OLAP then it is Bigquery and for 2nd part for RDBMS it should be cloud spanner.

Appreciate if i can have some clarification. Thanks


It should be BQ. by relational DB, probably they are looking for SQL friendly DB. Unless they ask for transactional workload and very low latency, I would definitely pick BQ over Spanner, that’s way too cheep and more ‘managed’

Sabrina Hou

BQ is always a good candidate for data analytics processing

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