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Google Cloud: Which is the best storage service choice for a webserver instance group (dynamic pages)?

Hi all, 

I’m wondering which is the best choice for a shared Document Root for a webserver instance group serving dynamic pages in Google Cloud , and which is best way to handle versioning and update of those shared pages .

Thank you all for your thoughts 


1 Answers

Hey Valerio. Looks like you have a couple of requirements and different ways you could go, depending on how you weighted those requirements. By dynamic pages, I’m assuming you mean database-driven. If that’s the case, you could easily tie your app to your Cloud SQL instance running MySQL or PostgreSQL. You’d need to set up a linked table to track who made which updates. Another way to go would be to use Cloud Source Repositories, either as a direct repo or as a mirror to GitHub or BitBucket. Then, deploy your app/website directly from there using the latest files. Hope this helps…

Valerio Talarico

Hi Joseph, and thanks for your answer! Yes I was thinking in DB driven dynamic pages, but my doubt was not on where to put the DB instance but the dynamic pages themself: I mean which google storage is more apt to host the pages letting share them between more than one GCE webserver instsances? Thanks for all your help

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