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Google Cloud Storage Lab – Making object public has changed

There is no longer a check box to make an object public.

You now have to:

In the list of buckets, click on the bucket that contains the object you want to make public, and navigate to the object if it’s in a subdirectory.

Click the drop-down menu associated with the object that you want to make public.

The drop-down menu appears as three vertical dots to the far right of the object’s row.

Select Edit permissions from the drop-down menu.

In the overlay that appears, click the + Add item button.

Add a permission for allUsers.

Select User for the Entity.

Enter allUsers for the Name.

Select Reader for the Access.

Click Save.

John Wright

Correct. You can find the details on this here

1 Answers

Indeed!  Thanks for posting this!  I presume they (Google) were getting flack for having it be too easy for someone to shoot themselves in the foot.  I will have to update the lecture.

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