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Google Cloud Associate

I was wondering what is the starting salary of a Google Cloud Associate?

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I think that depends on many things. Like your background (system admin, network engineer, developer), skill level, and where you live. So it’s hard to say what a starting salary would be. If your just starting your career in IT/Computer Engineering your salary would be lower.

Echoing what Harrison said, comes down to your background. The kind of work you’d be doing in a role would dictate the salary, more than the certification itself. Certifications can definitely help get you the roles, but experience plays a large part in it.

Expanding on the location aspect, it depends a lot if GCP skills are in demand in your local job market. I know where I live in Melbourne, Australia, there are plenty of jobs in GCP, but only about 10% of the amount in AWS. Local market research is important.

Also it really depends on which route you have selected to go down. For example, here is a basic Junior Cloud Operation Engineer Job Specification:

• Proven experience working with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Wider knowledge of AWS/Azure is desirable, but GCP is the main focus of the role so I would argue it is the key requirement.

• Commercial experience working with DevOps/CI/CD tools and technologies including Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins and Terraform.

• Good skills in scripting and programming (e.g. Bash, Python).

• Experience with Windows and/or Linux operating systems.

• Good understanding of networking (WAN, LAN, VPC, VPN).

• Understanding of Agile (Scrum) methodologies.

These will change depending on what area you are looking to go down.

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