Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google Certified Cloud Engineer Associate Exam Question on Compute Engine customization


You are currently creating instances with gcloud compute instances create myvm --machine-type=n1-highmem-8. This is good but you would just like a bit more RAM. Which of the following replacements would be the most cost effective?

1.gcloud compute instances create myvm --custom-cpu=10 --custom-memory=60

2.gcloud compute instances create myvm --custom-cpu=2 --custom-memory=10

3.gcloud compute instances create myvm --custom-cpu=8 --custom-memory=60SELECTED

4.gcloud compute instances create myvm --custom-cpu=1 --custom-memory=10

5.gcloud compute instances create myvm --machine-type=n1-highcpu-16

6.gcloud compute instances create myvm --machine-type=n1-highmem-16

7. gcloud compute instances create myvm --machine-type=n1-highmem-10


For reference, the n1-highmem-8 has 8 CPUs and 52 GB of memory, but you do NOT need to remember this. Just remember that predefined machine types are named by their CPU counts and those are always powers of two–so n1-highmem-10 is invalid.

Custom machine types let you tweak the predefined types, but you can’t add more RAM per CPU. Then you get with the highmem machine types unless you use “Extended Memory”.

But since the 8-CPU custom type option does not include --custom-extensions, it doesn’t get Extended Memory and the command won’t work. Since you’ll need to add more CPUs, you could go to n1-highmem-16–but a custom machine type with only 10 CPUs will be less expensive than that.

My question: now I am able to use custom CPU 8 with custom extension to set memory to 60 GB. So Answer 1  might NOT be correct any more. I wonder if GCP exam has such question since it pushes out its limits every day.

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