Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Exam Report – Some hard yards!

Hi there,

I took my ACE exam last week and was really pleased to achieve the certification!

Some key points from my experience:

  • Many of the questions were quite deep, particularly those relating to Kubernetes, IAM and networking

  • Still plenty of the "Which product is appropriate in situation XYZ?" questions – know the +’s and -‘s of each of the major tech

  • Most of my prior tech experience has been centred around data and analytics, very limited networking / architecture hands on exposure

Key learning materials:

  • The Kubernetes course in the middle was a huge help and very valuable

  • I bought the kindle version of the ACE study guide – this was great for practice questions on top of ACG and the official test

  • Do lots of labs, coursera’s google courses have tonnes as part of their specialisations and generally a free week. These helped me get to know my way around and play with the commands (not great for independent problem solving though!)


Hi Guy, well done on passing. I’m aiming to sit my exam at the end of the month. Were there many questions on how to configure kubernetes or IAM through cloudshell or were these more scenario based questions?

Guy Bourne

Most of the questions tended to be more practical rather than scenario driven, understanding how cloud shell commands and K8s commands work, when to use each and how they differ in terms of actions verbs etc. will help

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