Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020 -> Hands On Labs

Jimmy Sohi

I’ve noticed there’s a fairly new addition of Hands-on labs to the ‘Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020’ course.

For example, ‘Very Sample Billing Data with BigQuery’, ‘Working with Custom Images on GCE’, ‘Understanding Service Accounts and Scopes on GCE’, ‘Creating and Deploying a Google Kubernetes Engine Cluster’, etc.

Anyone have any experience with these? Are they imported from another learning resource (Linux Academy), if so, still applicable?

I’ve almost completed the course and looking to apply some of the theory, wanted to confirm before I deep dive into these.

Thanks in advance!

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Lokesh Vij

Hands on is always good. I appeared for exam this Sunday (and passed); got questions from all these areas that you highlighted. Hands-on will give confidence by remembering the sequence-of-steps, options presented on UI, etc. Some of the questions in exam were rather easy for me to answer as I was very through with Hands-on. So I will encourage you to go thru the labs. That’s my opinion! 🙂

Jimmy Sohi

Thank you for your feedback! To confirm, you went through these same Hands-on labs I mentioned available in the Associate Cloud Engineer course?

Lokesh Vij

Yes! And I also went thru QwikLabs ( as well.

Jimmy Sohi

Awesome – thanks!

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