Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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Google ACE Course Feedback

I am happy to share that I passed Google’s ACE certification recently thanks to the awesome course material that Mattias put together. Thank you very much, Mattias Andersson.

The concept of data flows and mental models are insightful and something I am continuing to use. I kept taking the practice exam repeatedly until I was clear about all the concepts. I also used practice exam to identify gaps in learning and documentation to read as part of follow up. I reviewed most of the additional resources and links provided in the course, some of them more than once.

Mattias is not kidding when he says that Kubernetes knowledge is important for this test. I found Nigel’s Kubernetes course very helpful. I have also used Linux Academy’s training and Qwiklabs as part of my exam preparation. In addition, ‘AWS Certification Preparation Guide’ is a good resource in general.

Thank you,


Asad Siddiqi


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