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Getting no feedback from GCP while trying to set billing account to enable Cloud Build API


I am in chapter 13.1 of the course, and I am asked to perform a lab from another source. I tried to finish the lab "App Engine: Qwik Start – Python" as I understood I need to do an App Engine Lab without containers and one with. To be honest, I am confused what kind of labs I am now supposed to do, anyway. I tried to do the lab in the sandbox, but I don’t have the role to enable Google App Engine Admin API. I then changed to my trial account and could enable and use the Google App Engine Admin API, but then it asked me to enable the Cloud Build API which requires a billing account. Every time I try to set the already configured billing account I can see a loading sign and then nothing happens.

I have 3 projects open. Deleting one didn’t help it. 

What am I doing wrong with the billing account?
Am I doing the right lab at Qwik?
What kind of labs am I supposed to do?

Thanks for help 🙂


Hey, Why you don’t use the cloud playground access? You can turn on quickly a project and do whatever needed. Usually the quotas provided allow to tackle most of the things from CodeLabs and QwikLabs. Thanks!

Philipp Ludewig


Philipp Ludewig

thanks for reaching out. The playground is not suitable to run the CodeLabs or QwikLabs labs as certain services are disabled.

Philipp Ludewig

I couldn’t login with my cloudGuru Account and I don’t think I will pay for these services

Philipp Ludewig

to specify: I was unable to figure out how to login into qwiklabs so that I don’t have to pay for the course

Philipp Ludewig

and I don’t want to pay for the labs

Philipp Ludewig

I thought why not follow the labs description in a playground sandbox but as I said certain services are disabled and I can’t give myself a new role or create a new role

Baptiste GALLET

I had the same issue for qwiklabs , I was not able to figure out how to start lab without paying credits..

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