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Getting “could not find group “allUsers”

Saving an ojbject as public allUsers does not work .. getting "could not find group "allUsers"

Joe Wroe

You can read the docs on how to do this (and more) by following this link, but i’ve tried to summarise it in my answer below.

3 Answers


The GUI has updated since the video; the only difference is that when you add the new Entry, you will need to set the ‘Entity’ field to Public not User.

1. Navigate to the ‘Storage’ -> ‘Browser’ page.

2. Check under the ‘Access control’ column for your bucket, it should say ‘Fine-grained’.

3. If your bucket does not say ‘Fine-grained’ click into your bucket and make sure the access control says ‘Fine-grained’ under the ‘Permissions’ tab.

4. Click into your bucket.

5. Next to the object that you would like to make public, click the three-dot menu.

6. Click ‘Edit permissions’.

7. Click ‘+ Add Entry’.

8. For the three fields;

  • Set the Entity to Public.

  • Set the Name to allUsers.

  • Set the Access to Reader.

9. Click Save

Alfonso Rodriguez

Thanks for this. It’s different in the learning video.

Naga Sravani Pabathi

Hi.. followed these steps and able to get Public URL link, but when I want to delete the public access for the specific object, it shows as getting deleted inside the dialog box; but I could see the Public URL link for the item .. is this a bug ?

Naga Sravani Pabathi

I could see the Public URL link even after deleting the permission !!

Aleks Savic

You can just select Public ( under entity drop down menu) and then name : allUsers . That we expose object in bucket publicly. Once you complete exercise you should delete this permission

@Cloud Guru Team,

Kindly help to update the course content for this change.

@cloud Guru Team,

While creating bucket now have separate options for storage class and retention policy. Please update the content and brief about that as-well.

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