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GCS Lab – using user account unable to make the files publicly accessed

Hello Friends –

I am using my free tier user account (non admin account) for the GCS lab using the console, so far i have completed and have gotten an insight on the most of the option that are used for the create the GCS bucket and policies. But i just got stuck to make my files publicly accessible that i have uploaded in the GCS buckets and its shown an error message like below –

Cannot get legacy ACL for an object when uniform bucket-level access is enabled. Read more at

PS: I might be asking lot of silly questions but it could be the great help to me understand the concepts and clear my doubts here, so many thanks in advance and Good Day!!!

2 Answers

I think that’s now an on-creation-only setting.

I had to untick "Enforce public access prevention on this bucket" at bucket creation (step 4, "Choose how to control access to objects"), and even then I had to manually add allUsers with both of the roles Storage Legacy Bucket Reader and Storage Legacy Object Reader to make the public file (sorry, "object") link in that public bucket work.

I guess it’s a good thing that Google makes it hard to accidentally make a bucket public?

Videos re outdated with respect to the changes in the GCP options.

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