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GCP VPC subnet vs AWS VPC subnet

As per my understanding of the lesson – the  VPC when created ,it creates a Subnet per region .For example IF we select Automatic option during creation of VPC or even for default VPC , there exists one subnet in each region (and not in each zone within the region) . So in other words that scope/span of a particular subnet is per region ? 

In case of VPC in AWS world , we create a subnet per Availability zone within a region . So I guess AWS and GCP are not following the same "pattern" or implementation of VPC .

Please if anyone can confirm/correct my understanding just want to make sure i am on the right track.

Thanks in Advance

  • AJ

Anyone..fancy helping me out on the query please ?

2 Answers

Hello Ansh,

 Your Interpretation of the AWS VPC is good

An AWS VPC is created in one region.

[IMO] The specification of a AWS VPC is best understood by looking at the create VPC CLI command.  This exposes the core of what a VPC is.  –

Basically an AWS VPC is an isolated network space defined as a CIDR block.  It exists in the context of the Region you are working in or nominate.

Note that creating an AWS VPC does not create subnets.  it only defines the space and range that the subnets will be created in.  If you do it though the Console, other things get called as part of the work flow including creating subnets and an IGW etc. 

Where the AWS pattern is Region based and hierarchical, the Google pattern is dispersed and appears to be more flexible if you want to have a Global service.  I am still working though GCP, but I can certainly see strengths in the Google model.


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Thanks Rusty for your answer !

Hello Ansh.  Yes, you are right: GCP has Global VPCs with Regional subnets.  This contrasts with AWS which has Regional VPCs and Zonal subnets.  I try to highlight this further, a bit later on, when I walk through my solution to the Custom-Mode VPC Challenge Lab.  Cheers!


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