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GCP training videos User interface of GCP is not same as the current GCP screens.

It seems the GCP related topics were recorded 2 years ago in 2018. GCP transformed a lot in these 2 years and screens in training videos are not reflecting the same UI with current GCP. Could you please let me know these videos are recorded again in some other heading ? Please let me know.

Dan McCudden

@suryanarayana I noticed the same thing. For this specific lab where I saw your post (Chap 6.4 Set Up Billing Export) the video steps were close enough to the current GCP that I could still complete the lab. I’ll post back as I go through other labs to see if I run into troubles not being able to complete a given lab due to the difference between Mattias’ videos and the current GCP UI.


for the price we pay for the yearly subs , updating the training resources is the least they can do . smh

Gareth Miles

Yep, you’ve got to the same point I have with setting up a billing export, can see the GCP UI has evolved a lot and is taking some translation to the equivalent route to achieve the lab. It would be good for sure to have the video’s reflect somewhere near the current version, however, having said that it does force you to use the console to ‘figure it out’, which I’m hoping will mean it sticks in my head!.

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I have the same question like you and have raised a support ticket. Shall keep you posted as soon as I hear from them. Thanks!

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