Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 2020

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GCP – Associate Cloud Engineer

Is this latest version of the GCP associate course?

2 Answers

Unfortunately it’s not. By the time I watched this course in 2020, it had already started to outdate. By now, there has been a lot of changes within GCP. For example, Stackdriver Logging was renamed to Cloud Logging which is a part of Cloud Operation Suite. And the GCP Console has lots of UI changes as well.

You can still watch the course to get base knowledge, but you will have to give out lots of efforts to keep up with current features and services of GCP. I would advise you to use this course alongside with official GCP documentations and the learning path of official Google Cloud Training.

Don’t expect ACloud Guru to reply or look into this anytime soon. Since the sale of the company, they are obviously enjoying the benefits without answering any issues. Despite many complaints, they still fail to address course content, choosing instead to merely continue to allow outdated material and collated unrelated content on their courses.

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